The Goddess Gab podcast is a collection of conversations centered around the latest in news, entrepreneurship, entertainment, beauty, and the every-day experiences that come along with being a woman.We strive to inspire women to see their inner Goddess & empower them to be a boss. To allow your inner goddess to surface does not mean that you have to become someone else or behave like someone else. Embrace yourself wholeheartedly.


Brittney H.

Brittney H is a Public Relations Specialist and writer who works with organizations to spread their message effectively to their targeted audiences. After numerous media internships and multiple blog contributions, Brittney is currently revamping her personal website
Brittney holds a BA in English from Wake Forest University where she studied under mentor Dr. Maya Angelou. Brittney works to carry on Dr. Angelou’s legacy while focusing on women empowerment and sisterhood.
Brittney believes in striving for a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally. Her passions include working out, meal prepping, traveling and volunteering. She believes taking care of oneself, spreading positivity, and sharing one’s passions are the keys to truly living a fulfilled life.

Naomi Thomas

Naomi Thomas is an award-winning entrepreneur and advocate for women pursuing careers in tech and business. She is the Founder and Managing Partner of BB Market, a digital marketing agency for influencers and small businesses. Naomi studied Business Management with a concentration in Operational Management at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. During her college career, she founded and managed a $30,000 nonprofit educational technology project for K-12 students, sponsored by various companies including Google, Duke Energy, and Honda Jet. Naomi also worked with Google as a Student Ambassador during the school year, and with Noregon Systems Inc. as an IT Intern and Digital Marketing Analyst.She has won and placed in several startup competitions including the WBENC National Student Entrepreneurship Program in Austin, Texas and UNC Greensboro’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Naomi is extremely passionate about using her voice and past experiences as a guide to help encourage other young women to pursue careers in nontraditional fields.

Chasity Nicole

Chasity Nicole hails from the booming city of Oaks Raleigh NC. Proud flying Eagle Alumni of North Carolina Central University where she recieved her BA in Communications and Marketing, She relocated to Charlotte, NC to continue her career in IT technology as a project manager and Agile Scrum Master. Described as the wild card of the group, Chasity holds nothing back ! She spends her free time with her wild but loving family,forced visits to the gym, socializing with friends, and casual walks through the mall with your daddy’s credit card !

Brittney Bogues

Brittney Bogues is an influential communications executive for several brands, personalities and concepts with a proven track record of securing positive press, engaging public interest and generating significant social media buzz. Brittney is creative, persuasive and highly adaptable to the evolving demands of a dynamic media landscape. Her dynamic strategies to increase exposure and brand awareness have led to proven success promoting organizational messaging and championing client interests through interactions with the media, community leaders and other key influencers.

Brittney’s “Go Hard or Go Home” leadership has given her the edge in placing her clients in the publications that matter. ESPN, GQ, USA Today, The View and TIME are just a few of the top tier media outlets where Brittney’s clients can call home. A graduate of Wake Forest University, Brittney’s sports pedigree runs deep as she has managed strategic partnerships, fundraising and event planning for several pro-athletes, corporations and nonprofits. When she is not closing deals and covering press, Brittney is most likely listening to good music, dancing or entertaining.

Brittney is an active member of Junior League of Charlotte, sits on the Wake Forest University Charlotte Executive Board, Juvenile Crime Prevention Council and Always Believe nonprofit.Brittney is passionate about living life to the fullest and helping others. As a distinguished public relations executive and advocate for women and minorities rights, Brittney Bogues has furthered her scope in communications by entering the realm of political communications with the hope of utilizing her strong media relations locally, regionally and nationally to make a real change.

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